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Professional Development for Irish Traditional Music Teachers

Are you a traditional music teacher?



Are you an experienced musician – but wonder if  teaching is really for you?




Would you love some training and tools to help you teach more confidently?


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I Teach Trad is the right programme, created at the right time, by the right person.

Dr. Ryan Molloy, Associate Professor, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

I Teach Trad is a formidable expression of teaching logic and system.

Fintan Vallely PhD,  musician, writer, teacher 

I had never thought about being a traditional music teacher in this way before. It’s like discovering a whole new parallel universe. Wow! Inspiring!

Participant, pilot course for iTT, 2020

The TradLABB offers a conceptualisation of the learning process ascribed to the folk/traditional musician that is immediately recognisable, both within and outside of higher education. It offers insights of great value to the pedagogue concerned with tailoring formal educational structures more effectively to such processes.

Professor Joshua Dickson, Head of Music, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


Hello, I’m Liz Doherty

Award-Winning Teacher

My Story

I have been teaching Irish traditional music for over 30 years in Ireland and around the world. And here’s what I’ve learned.

Teaching traditional music is tough! There is no system, no structure, no support, and little training.

This is what I did to make my teaching better.

I mapped out the LIFELONG LEARNING JOURNEY for traditional musicians – so that I am 100% clear about what my students need at any given time.

I created a FRAMEWORK that lays out a clear structure and system for planning, organising and delivering my teaching.

I developed a TOOLKIT of resources, and skills, and secret weapons designed to make my teaching better for me – and for my students.

Now I want to share this with YOU – to help make your traditional music teaching more EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE and PROFESSIONAL.



improve your teaching with these tools

Lifelong Learning Map

Figure out exactly what your student needs using the TradLABB™ learning map.


Use the framework to plan, organise and deliver your teaching more efficiently and effectively.


Build a toolkit of resources, skills and secret weapons to supercharge your teaching.

Teach beyond the tune

Be inspired to flip the script and create new and imaginative ways to make your teaching stand out.

Business Strategy

Learn how to make traditional music teaching your business with these handy hints and tips.

Invest in yourself

Commit to your own professional development as an Irish traditional music teacher. 

How does it work?

I’ll be offering online courses, training workshops (online and in-person) for groups, and mentoring for individuals.

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Online course

A Framework For Teaching Traditional Irish Music

Discover the TradLABB™ – Work at your own pace – Transform your teaching

Training Programmes

Workshops for teachers tailored to the needs of your group or organisation 

Delivered in-house, online, or both


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“ I Teach Trad is the right programme, created at the right time, by the right person.”

– Dr. Ryan Molloy, Associate Professor,

National University of Ireland, Maynooth