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Teach Traditional Music & Song (Foundation Certificate)
Know the Score: Read Music The Trad Way (Online)
Know the Score: Read Music The Trad Way (In person)
The TradLABB™ Card Deck (Short Course & Teaching Resources)
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What is I Teach Trad?

I Teach Trad is a company devoted to the training and continuing professional development of Irish traditional music and song teachers.

I teach accordion. Is this for me?

Our courses are designed for traditional music teachers of ALL instruments including voice. Our courses also help teachers working in any setting, full-time and/or part-time.

Who are the courses for?

Our courses are for established teachers who want to refresh and upskill, and for those just starting out. Our music reading courses are designed for teachers – or for students (if it makes a teacher’s life easier to send students directly to us to learn to read music – we are here to help!).

Is there tutor support available?

Yes! For in-person courses Liz is on hand, delivering the courses. For some of our online courses we have regular office hours – everyone is invited! Plus, students and graduates of our teacher training courses have access to the I Teach Trad Academy and our online community for traditional music teachers.

How can teachers benefit?

Teaching is a profession and requires a skill set that is very different to that of a performer. Our courses help musicians who teach to navigate that transition, build their teaching skills and professionalise their teaching practice. Our course graduates earn certificates from the prestigious Royal Irish Academy of Music, evidence of their commitment to professional development.

Will there be more courses and resources added?

Yes! We are busy developing a suite of new courses, some of which will be rolled out later this year. Keep an eye on our Resources page for lastest blogs, tips and tools (and freebies!). And, if you haven’t done so already, sign up for our Newsletter so you don’t miss out on any pop-up workshops and events.

Why now – haven’t we managed just fine?

Imagine you want to increase your fitness? You know what you need to do - and how to do it. But sometimes, having a structure, a curated programme, and someone to help, guide, encourage and challenge you is exactly what you need. So you join a gym or sign up to a fitness programme. It’s the same with trad teaching. You know what it takes and you have access to all the resources. But sometimes it can all be a bit overwhelming. That’s where I Teach Trad comes in. We have the support, structures and tools you need to help you teach at your very best.

Does I Teach Trad work with organisations?

We do! I Teach Trad works with a number of leading traditional arts organisations developing scholarships and other supports for teachers wanting to take our courses. We also deliver bespoke workshops (online and in person) to organisations, groups and schools. We can tailor these workshops to meet your specific teacher-training needs. To enquire about hosting an I Teach trad workshop please contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss.

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Irish  musician and education expert, Dr. Liz Doherty, is on a mission to help traditional musicians and singers teach.
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