Certified by the Royal Irish Academy of Music

Teach Irish Traditional Music & Song

Our flagship online teacher-training programme.
Guaranteed to help you re-imagine your teaching for the 21st century learner.


This course, designed and delivered by Dr. Liz Doherty and certified by the Royal Irish Academy of Music, is an ideal way to kickstart your professional development as a teacher. It is for:

  • Existing traditional music/song teachers who want to refresh and improve their teaching skills.
  • Traditional musicians/singers who are planning to teach.
  • Traditional music teachers of any instrument.
  • Traditional music/song teachers working in any setting (schools, in the community, festivals and events, online and in-person, synchronous and asynchronous).
  • Irish traditional music/song teachers based anywhere in the world.

The course runs twice a year and is delivered online, across 8-weeks.

Course Overview

Our Teach Irish Traditional Music & Song course provides teachers with a framework for planning and delivering traditional music lessons, for learners of any age, on any instrument (including voice), and at any stage of their learning journey. The framework enables teachers to offer students a well-rounded music learning experience, one that is not simply tune-led. It helps teachers re-think and re-imagine how they teach traditional music/song to help them meet the needs of today’s learners. Teachers will be introduced to new tools and strategies for planning and delivering traditional music/song lessons. And they will engage in reflective practice.

Key Points

Course Lessons

Why Choose This Course?

What is traditional music teaching all about? Our unique framework sets out the key pillars in traditional music teaching and learning. It takes the thinking - and the worrying - out of it. Use this framework and your students are guaranteed a holistic music education, 100% in line with 21st century standards. 

The days of teaching tune after tune after tune are a thing of the past! The TradLABB Cards will inspire you to share all of your other rich musical knowledge and experience with your students.  Transform your teaching with these ideas and practical resources. 

One of our secret weapons! Our map of the lifelong learning journey of the traditional musician helps you to situate your students at every stage of learning,  from beginner to mater musician. What stage are they at? What do they need right now? How can you help them? A game-chanager for trad teachers! 

Enjoy taking time out to really think about who you are as an educator, What are your strengths, areas of interests and unique skills. 

Explore and try out the most up-to-date tools and resources, ideal for the 21st century tradiitonal music class. 

Traditional music teachers often tell me they "fell into" teaching! Change the sccript and start your professional development journey today. Get your trad teaching certified by the Royal Irish Academy of Music. 


Dr. Liz Doherty

Teacher Training Expert

This course includes:


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