Why CPD should be part of your plan as a traditional music teacher

February 26, 2023

Why CPD should be part of your plan as a traditional music teacher

[Note: for the purposes of this blog, the term ‘music’ refers to instrumental music and song.]

Knowing how to play traditional music is not the same as knowing how to teach music. And just as we access all kinds of support and expertise in order to learn and develop as players it makes sense that we do the same to help us learn how to teach.

Teaching traditional music can be quite daunting when you have to design, plan and deliver all kinds of lessons, in all kinds of environments – and without any bespoke training around how to teach. Now you can access quality training that is tailored to meet the needs of the traditional music teacher in the 21st century.

Even for those of us who have been teaching for years it is always good to be open to upskilling and to keeping up to date with new pedagogical approaches.

The benefits of CPD for a traditional music teacher

Traditional music teachers can benefit in so many ways through CPD. Committing to your own professional development:

  • reminds you that being a great teacher involves a different skillset from being a great musician;
  • helps you to transfer your musical skills into an education setting;
  • allows you to keep growing and developing your knowledge and skills as a teacher;
  • keeps you up to date with current thinking and tools for teaching;
  • demonstrates your commitment to self-improvement;
  • enhances your credibility as a traditional music teacher;
  • builds your own self-confidence as a teacher;
  • helps you to map out a career pathway as a traditional music teacher;
  • keeps you inspired, motivated and curious;
  • raises standards in traditional music teaching;
  • allows you to connect with other traditional music teachers;
  • transforms your teaching practice – your students will notice the difference!

Become a certified traditional music teacher

Considering your CPD options and investing in them in order to support your growth and development as a traditional music educator can be an important step for established teachers. And if you are a new teacher, or are simply thinking about teaching, then factoring CPD into your plans will get you off to the best start imaginable!

I Teach Trad, in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy of Music, is delighted to offer you the opportunity to:

  • engage in CPD as a traditional music teacher;
  • earn a certification through our programmes.

Sign up for our Foundation Certificate, Teach Traditional Music & Song and begin your certified CPD journey today.

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