Teach Traditional Music & Song (Foundation Certificate)

February 8, 2023

Teach Traditional Music & Song (Foundation Certificate)

Do you want to become a CERTIFIED traditional music/song teacher?

This new course from I Teach Trad in collaboration with The Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) is must for Irish traditional music/song teachers looking to improve their teaching skills and commit to their professional development. 

It is designed for existing teachers and for those musicians/singers who are considering teaching traditional music/song in the future. 

This foundation course provides teachers with a framework for planning and delivering traditional music lessons, for learners of any age, on any instrument (incl. voice), and at any stage of their learning journey. The framework enables teachers to offer students a well-rounded music learning experience, one that is not simply tune-/song-led. It helps teachers re-think and re-imagine how they teach traditional music/song in order to help them meet the needs of today’s learners.  

Teachers will be introduced to new tools and strategies for planning and delivering traditional music/song lessons. And they will engage in reflective practice. 

This short course is for:

  • Existing traditional music/song teachers who want to refresh and improve their teaching skills.
  • Traditional musicians/singers who are planning to teach.
  • Traditional music teachers of any instrument.
  • Traditional music/song teachers working in any setting (schools, in the community, festivals and events, online and in-person, synchronous and asynchronous).
  • Traditional music/song teachers based anywhere in the world (the course is fully online).

Course Schedule:  Sunday, March 5th 2023 – Sunday, 30th April

Week 1 (5th March) – Introductory session (5 pm – 6.30 pm, live on zoom; the link will be sent in advance)

Week 1-7 (5th March – 23rd April):  – 20 hours contact time / 20 hours self-directed work. A course workbook (in digital and printable formats) will be made available

Week 8 (23rd – 30th April): – Individual online viva assessments (will be scheduled).


Early Bird Rate €295/£275/$335 available until 12th February.
Regular Rate €345/£315/$390 applicable from 13th February.


NI/UK and/or USA-based participants:

To book this course in GBP (£275/£315), please follow this link:  NI/UK-based participants

To book this course in USD ($335/$390), please follow this link: USA-based participants

Learning Outcomes

  • use the traditional music teaching framework to plan programmes of learning and individual lessons
  • write effective lessons plans 
  • teach traditional music/song better, using new tools and strategies 
  • understand their role as a teacher
  • articulate their personal teaching philosophy 
  • understand the lifelong learning journey of the traditional musician/singer, and to situate each student on this continuum of development
  • practice self-reflection in order to continue to learn and grow as an educator


Participants music be 18+

Participants should have some previous experience as traditional music /song teachers, or experienced musicians/singer who are planning to teach. 

Participants must have appropriate devices and internet provision in order to access the course.

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