Teach Irish Traditional Music & Song: FAQs Uncovered

Teach Irish Traditional Music & Song: FAQs Uncovered

Welcome to our transformative course, Teach Irish Traditional Music & Song, where innovation meets traditional learning methods to empower you as an educator. We understand that embarking on this journey might come with questions, and we’re here to provide you with all the information you need.

Who offers the course?

This course was devised and is delivered by Dr. Liz Doherty, musician and educator who has over 30 years of experience in the teaching and learning of Irish traditional music – and is passionate about helping other musicians teachers teach. The course has emerged from extensive academic research and publications by Liz on the topic of traditional arts education and been developed into accessible and dynamic content suitable for all musicians and singers who teach or who are planning to teach. The course is presented by I Teach Trad, the company founded and directed by Liz Doherty to developed courses and resources for traditional music teachers.

The Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) is Ireland’s oldest conservatoire and is ranked in the top 50 institutions in the world for the performing arts. RIAM has partnered with I Teach Trad to certify this course as a professional development qualification for traditional music and song teachers.

What is the structure of the course?

The course runs for 8 weeks and offers a blend of structured contact time and self-directed learning. You’ll have 20 hours of pre-recorded, guided learning content (videos, PowerPoint presentations, blogs, interactive activities). New modules are released each week and are available on-demand, making it flexible and accommodating for busy schedules. In addition, students are encouraged to allow additional time each week for self-directed learning and engaging with the course tutor and fellow participants in the online forum.

Where do I access the course?

Registration for the course is via the RIAM website riam.ie. Prior to the course start date you will be invited to join the iteachtrad.com community site (if you have not done so already) and there you will have access to the course materials and a private group forum for course participants.

What can I expect in the opening session?

The course kicks off with a live online session lasting 90 minutes, which serves as an introduction to the programme. You will receive a zoom invitation for this. Here, you’ll get an overview of what to expect, meet your fellow participants, and familiarise yourself with the course layout and how to access the materials. Attendance at this is mandatory; however, we know that life can get in the way, so this session will be recorded and available for replay. 

How are the modules delivered?

Throughout the course, you’ll engage with 8 modules, each consisting of engaging video and PowerPoint presentations accompanied by activities and blogs. We provide weekly uploads of 1-2 modules, allowing you to pace your learning in a way that suits you best. You are free to work through the module of the week at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Can I interact with the instructor and fellow participants?

Absolutely! We believe in fostering a strong learning community. You’ll have the opportunity to attend live office hours sessions every week, offered at different times for your convenience. While attendance isn’t mandatory, it’s a valuable chance to connect, ask questions, and dive deeper into the content. If you can’t make it, don’t worry—replays will be available.

Are there any additional materials provided?

Yes, you’ll have access to a comprehensive workbook, uploaded in sections by module. This serves as a valuable resource for taking notes, reflecting on your learning, and deepening your understanding. It also means that you walk away with the course with a personal blueprint for your own teaching practice going forward.

What other resources are available?

You’ll gain access to our dedicated online community site, where you’ll find additional blogs, interviews, and resources to complement your learning journey. Additionally, you’ll receive a daily email with a teaching boost quote, providing regular inspiration and check-ins.

How will my progress be assessed?

Towards the end of the course, you’ll have a 1:1 individual Viva (conversation) assessment with Liz, allowing you to showcase your understanding and application of the course material. You’ll also receive a personalised feedback sheet after the assessment to support your ongoing growth and development.

Will I receive a certificate?

Absolutely! This course offers a professional development certificate for traditional music/song teachers. You’ll receive both a digital and a hard copy certificate upon successful completion of the course, a testament to your dedication and growth as a traditional arts teacher.

What happens at the end of the course?

We hope that you will continue to engage with Liz and your fellow teachers through the I Teach Trad community forum, and that you explore further professional development opportunities with I Teach Trad and RIAM.

Have other teachers taken this course?

This foundation certificate course was launched by I Teach Trad and RIAM in 2023 and the course first ran in Spring of this year. We had teachers from all over Ireland, the UK, Canada and the US join us for the 8-weeks. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Mind blown!! I feel totally re-energised – and my toolkit is a lot heavier now! Every traditional music teacher should do this course!”

– Noreen McManus, Co. Louth

“The Teach Traditional Music & Song course was exactly what I was looking for – a course that takes seriously the pedagogy of teaching traditional music. The course invites a thorough rethinking of your teaching practice, and guides you through a framework for enhancing your approach to teaching. The course is also packed full of tools, resources and strategies for improving your lessons or classes. Liz Doherty is a thoroughly engaging and knowledgeable course leader, and the course is also a great opportunity to connect with other trad teachers. I’d thoroughly recommend this course to other teachers of traditional music.”

– Bradon Smith, U.K

“It’s easy for us as teachers to get stuck in a rut of teaching tune after tune, and falling into a predictable habit of structuring our lessons in the same way. But what happens when we go several steps deeper and ask ourselves “why am I teaching this tune” and “what else can I teach about traditional music that this tune will help me explain”? If those possibilities have piqued your interest… you’re going to get a ton of value in taking this course and taking your teaching to a whole new level!”

– Hannah Harris, USA

How can I sign up?

The next dates for the course are October 22nd-December 17th, 2023.


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