A Framework For Teaching Irish Traditional Music

Welcome to the first ever online training programme created especially for you, the traditional music teacher.

We all know that being great musicians does not automatically make us great teachers. If you would love some guidancance, some support, some inspiration – then this course is for you.

Transform Your Teaching

Are you ready to learn about new ways of teaching traditional music?
Here’s how this course can help you.


Structure sets you free! This framework will help you to organise, plan and deliver your teaching effectively and efficiently.

The TradLABB

Use the TradLABB to bring more variety into your teaching as you help students to Learn, Apply, Be and Become traditional musicians.

Teach Beyond The Tune

Build a toolkit and be inspired to add new ideas and approaches to your teaching. Teach beyond the tune to help your students become well-rounded musicians.

Reflective Practice

Learn how reflective practice can make you a better teacher. Discover ways  to help your students develop  good habits from day one.


Commit to your Continuous Professional Development. Upskill, stay motivated and keep up to date with your traditional music teaching.


Your Business

Teaching full-time or or part-time?  Learn how to professionalise your teaching practice and build the business you want.

What Teachers Are Saying

Here’s what some of the teachers have to say about how The Framework for Teaching Traditional Music course has transformed their practice

The lessons are, quite simply, inspiring. The key to your course being so groundbreaking is your knowledge and experience with education and pedagogy.

I’ve been teaching trad for years – and didn’t think you could teach this old dog new tricks. Well you have! It’s brilliant – and my students are loving this new me!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching trad – to new and experienced teachers alike. What are you waiting for – just do it!

A really thought-provoking approach to teaching traditional music, incorporating life-skills and personal development for us teachers and our students. 

A great opportunity to think about your teaching in a new way and to shake things up a bit. Traditional music desperately needs this.

Never mind traditional music – this model will resonate with literally every music teacher of every genre.
The TradLABB is a game-changer!

How this course can help you

As a traditional music teacher do you …

  • Teach the same way that you were taught? 
  • Suffer from imposter syndrome (that feeling that maybe you’re not doing it right!)?
  •  Feel bored teaching the same things, in the same way, year after year?
  • Need some new ideas to bring your teaching to the next level?
  • Want to commit to your professional development?


If any of this sounds familiar – then this course is definitely for you.

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