The world’s first online community for Irish traditional music teachers has gone live today. Innovative online CPD platform, I Teach Trad has opened the doors to trad teachers from all corners of the globe.

The announcement was made by leading Irish traditional music figure, Dr Liz Doherty, who developed the  initiative. “This is whereteachers of traditional music can gather, be inspired, motivated, learn from each other, share tips and ideas.”

“Often traditional music teachers feel like they are on their own. Everyone feels like they are having to make it all up as they go along. Every teacher I talk to says the same thing.”

Why a Dedicated Place for Traditional Music Teachers?

I’ve been running I Teach Trad courses and workshops for over a year now. And there’s one resounding piece of positive feedback I hear over and over again. It’s this: traditional music teachers love the opportunity to come together to learn, to share – and to talk teaching. Here’s what they have said:

“I learned so much from all the other group members.”

“I really enjoyed hearing everyone else’s story.”

Meeting other teachers and hearing what they are doing and getting new ideas and resources to look at benefits everyone. I loved the workshop.”

At I Teach Trad we listened. We heard. And we have created this online community to create that space for you.

What Trad Teachers Gain from this Global Online Community

Our online community is open to all teachers of traditional music. So it doesn’t matter what instrument you play. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Ireland, Europe, North America, Australia, Asia… You can come together with other teachers in this global community online.

The FREE community offers you access to:

  • The Conversation. In our Community forums and discussions you canask questions, share ideas, and connect with other teachers
  • The HUB. Here you’ll find our blogs, webcasts, podcasts, and interviews with experts. Plus, it’s a fully searchable library of teaching-related content, that is growing all the time. 
  • Live events. Webinars, Q&A sessions, and Power Hours

How Can You be Part of This Online Community?

We offer FREE membership

Your community is right here.

Are you ready to transform your traditional music teaching?

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