First Digital Certification Badges for Traditional Music Teachers

August 9, 2021


I Teach Trad global online training is launching ‘digital certification badges’ to recognise Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for traditional music teachers.  That’s according to leading traditional music expert Liz Doherty who launched I Teach Trad last year to support traditional music teachers.

What are Digital Certification Badges?

“Digital badges are used online to represent skills, achievement or knowledge gained”, says Dr Doherty. “This is the first time they will be used to acknowledge CPD achievements by trad music teachers.”

Liz says the new ‘digital badges’ system addresses a worldwide gap in CPD certification for traditional music teachers. “The new ‘digital badges’ will be awarded to teachers who complete our full online course, short courses and one-off workshops. I Teach Trad will award their first 100 digital badges this week to teachers across Ireland, Scotland, North America and Japan.”

How to Use Digital Certification Badges

Teachers can display and  share their digital badges online “as part of their email signature or via social media sites such as LinkedIn.”

 “The digital certification badges will demonstrate teachers’ commitment to, and achievements in, CPD to continuously improve their teaching skills. They demonstrate teachers’ commitment to their teaching practice – to constantly upskilling and keeping their practice fresh, current and relevant. They also show current and potential students that teachers constantly take steps to improve their online and face-to-face teaching skills.”

Benefits of CPD for Traditional Music Teachers

“CPD involves engagement with any activity designed to support your growth and development as a professional” says Liz. “I Teach Trad helps teachers not just to improve their teaching skills, for face to face, online and blended teaching scenarios.”

Dr Doherty says CPD has huge benefits for traditional music teachers.

“Firstly, it reminds you that being a great teacher involves a different skillset from being a great musician. I Teach Trad is all about helping great musicians to become great teachers.  CPD helps you to transfer your musical skills into an education setting. Our training allows you to keep growing and developing your knowledge and skills as a teacher. It also keeps you up to date with current thinking and tools for teaching.”

“On another level, committing to training demonstrates your commitment to self-improvement. It enhances your credibility as a traditional music teacher and builds your own self-confidence as a teacher. Most importantly of all, it transforms your teaching practice – your students will notice the difference!”

“Finally, it actually helps you to map out a career pathway as a traditional music teacher. It keeps you inspired, motivated and curious, connects you with other teachers, and raises standards in traditional music teaching.”

I Teach Trad offer a 6-week online course, A Framework for Teaching Irish Traditional Music. They also run short-courses and one-off workshops, mentoring services, and have an online community for trad music teachers. To find out more, email

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