Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

For traditional music teachers, CPD may involve courses, workshops, conferences, online learning programmes, and ideas sharing – any activity that encourages individuals to improve, upskill and keep up to date with their traditional music teaching practice.

Our courses, workshops and mentoring programmes are designed to suit different needs, budgets and time commitments.

Start your journey by upskilling in one topic – and see your confidence as a traditional music teacher grow!

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Invest in your CPD & Earn Digital Badges

Earn digital badges in recognition of your ongoing professional development

All courses & Workshops are created and delivered by Liz Doherty, PhD, BMus, NTF, SFHEA. Liz is a world-renowed fiddle player and teacher from Co. Donegal who has over 30 years of experience in traditional music education. This includes everything from lecturing in Higher Education to teaching fiddle classes around the world.

Why CPD should be part of your plan as a
traditional music teacher

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) involves engagement with any activity designed to support your growth and development as a professional.

For traditional music teachers, CPD may involve courses, workshops, conferences, online learning programmes, and ideas sharing – any activity that encourages you to improve, upskill and keep up to date with your traditional music teaching practice.



Reminds you that being a great teacher involves a different skillset from being a great musician


Helps you to transfer your musical skills into an education setting


Allows you to keep growing and developing your knowledge and skills as a teacher


Keeps you up to date with current thinking and tools for teaching


Demonstrates your commitment to self-improvement


Enhances your credibility as a traditional music teacher


Builds your own self-confidence as a teacher


Helps you to map out a career pathway as a traditional music teacher


Keeps you inspired, motivated and curious


Raises standards in traditional music teaching


Allows you to connect with other traditional music teachers


Transforms your teaching practice – your students will notice the difference!

Plan your CPD pathway

Committing to your own professional development is a significant step – and we know that it can be hard to know where to start. Let us help!


Short on time?

If you are flat out teaching and find that time is in short supply it is still possible to commit to your professional development as a teacher. Explore our short courses and workshops for bite-sized offerings to work into your schedule.


On a budget?

Committing to your professional development is an investment, both in your teaching practice and in your business. Factor this into your annual financial planning.  Decide that you and your teaching practice are worth it!


Starting out?

I’m sure that most established teachers would agree with me when I say that we would have loved some training and support and guidance whenever we were starting out. This is the perfect time for you to plan for your CPD right from the get-go. Our online course, A Framework for Teaching Traditional Music, offers you a step-by-step guide to planning your teaching, building your toolkit, and setting up your business. It’s the perfect place to start.


Looking for a refresh?

If you have been teaching traditional music for some time, chances are that you have fallen into a comfortable way of doing things. And that’s great! However, if you are starting to feel a bit bored, this is a great time for you to refresh and re-imagine your teaching. Our online course sets out a Framework that will allow you to hold on to the best of what you are already doing – and to bring it to the next level. And our short courses and workshops are perfect for some quick injections of energy. 


Getting back into the room?

You may be looking forward to getting back to teaching your students face to face. Or you may be wondering about how to keep some online element to your teaching practice, even post-Covid. Our courses can help with ideas and plans for whatever way you want your teaching practice to grow and develop.


Need a plan?

If you are still not sure, then maybe a 121 mentoring session might help. Here we will help you stand back and take the helicopter view of your teaching practice. Where are you right now? What direction would you like to take? Leave with a clear sense of where you want to go with your teaching – and an action plan to help you get there.


Group of teachers/music school?

We can tailor our CPD options to meet the requirements of any group of traditional music teachers. If you work as part of an organisation why not give us a call to enquire about our bespoke CPD packages. Group rates are also available.

Earn a Digital Badge for your CPD

Invest in your professional development as a traditional music teacher. Complete our online course or any of our short courses/workshops and earn a digital badge
in recognition of your CPD.


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