5 Reasons to become a certified traditional music/song teacher

February 9, 2023

5 Reasons to become a certified traditional music/song teacher

If you teach Irish traditional music/song and want to gain professional certification for your teaching practice here’s an exciting new opportunity for you!

I Teach Trad is collaborating with The Royal Irish Academy of Music to offer a new certified course for traditional music/song teachers. Teach Traditional Music & Song (Foundation Certificate) is now open for registration.

Why become a certified traditional music/song teacher?

#1 Gain professional credibility

As demand and opportunities for traditional music/song teaching increases, being able to demonstrate your teaching credentials as well as your musical expertise is becoming more and more important. Taking a short course is an accessible way to build your professional credibility and to demonstrate your commitment to your continuing professional development (CPD) as an educator.

#2 Get your teaching skills validated by a recognised, third-party institution

Getting a certification from the Royal Irish Academy of Music provides a stamp of approval from an objective organization for your teaching skills. This can be powerful for yourself and can raise your profile and reputation among existing and potential students and their parents.

#3 Stand out

More and more traditional musicians/singers are including teaching as part of their full- or part-time professional practice. Learning key skills and strategies around teaching is important to help artists successfully bring their skills into teaching and learning environments. Become a better teacher – and gain a competitive advantage, by signing up for a short course today and stand out from the crowd with a certification.

#4 Build on your teaching skills and become more confident

Being a traditional music/song teacher can be challenging. Often, you are left to make it all up for yourself (curriculum, pedagogy, resources .. the whole lot!)  without any guidance or support around how best to take your music skills and transfer them into a learning environment. If you are already teaching, why not commit to upskilling by taking our Teach Traditional Music & Song Foundation Certificate course. Getting your teaching certified will validate your knowledge and increase your confidence. And, if you are starting out on your teaching journey, then start with the power of a teacher-training credential under your belt.

#5 Commit to your chosen profession and to your CPD

We all know that being able to play traditional music and/or sing is not the same as knowing how to teach it. Teaching anything requires a whole different set of skills. And, just as we access all kinds of support and expertise in order to learn and develop as players, it makes sense that we do the same to help us learn how to teach, and to continue to build on that over time. For anyone teaching, or considering teaching traditional music/song, register now for the new I Teach Trad and Royal Irish Academy of Music course, Teach Traditional Music & Song (Foundation Certificate).

To learn more about the Teach Traditional Music & Song (Foundation Certificate) offered by I Teach Trad in collaboration with RIAM, click here.

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